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Ontario Erectors Association

MoL Report to the PLMHSC

Good Afternoon Directors & COOs,

MOL PLMHSC Report October 2019

I’m pleased to provide the Ministry Labour Provincial Coordinator’s Monthly Report to the Provincial Labour Management Health and Safety Committee (PLMHSC). It will be presented to the PLMHSC at its monthly meeting on Wednesday. I draw to your attention the following taken from the Report,

“As a reminder, construction health and safety inspectors – assisted as needed by our Specialized and Professional Services (SPS) staff – will be visiting your projects and looking for the following:

Musculoskeletal Disorders

• • employers have provided training to workers on safe manual materials handling practices

• • items are being manually handled in a safe manner

• • items are being stored in a manner that does not endanger a worker when manually handling those items

• • work areas and routes to and from work areas are kept free of obstructions so extra demands are not placed on workers when manually handling items

• • access to and egress from a work area is appropriate so that physical demands are not increased

• • adequate housekeeping is taking place so that a worker can use assistive devices (for example, carts) and there are not increased demands when manually handling items

• • handling items while the worker is on a ladder is being performed in a safe manner

Respiratory Hazards

• • proper controls and work practices are in place

• • respirators are well maintained

• • workers have been trained on how to use the respirators properly

• • respirators are fitted to ensure an effective seal between the respirator and the worker’s face

• • worker exposure to airborne concentrations of hazardous biological or chemical agents listed in Ontario Regulation 833 are under the occupational exposure limits set out in that regulation”

I trust you find this information to be helpful.

Cheers !!!