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Canada's skylines were built on the enduring partnership between Canada's IMPACT contractors and our union Ironworkers.

It's a commitment to professionalism without compromise that gets the job done right, every time, for all time.

About Ontario Erectors Association



A dedicated representative for our community

We advocate tirelessly for our members and for the benefits of employing professional Ironworkers. The workforce we represent is superbly trained, upholds strict safety standards and is dedicated to outstanding workmanship. They have earned the right to be selected for projects ahead of others.



MLTSD Construction Coordinator’s Report

MLTSD Construction Coordinator’s Report to the PLMHSC     DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT HERE  

Canadian Mental Health Awareness Week – Toolbox Talks on Mental Health

  Toolbox Talk-Suicide Prevention-IWI Canada -May 3, 2021 Toolbox Talk-Opioid Crisis-IWI Canada-May 4, 2021 Toolbox Talk-Mental Health and the Workplace-IWI Canada -May 3, 2021 Toolbox Talk-Alcohol and Substance-IWI Canada-May 3, 2021

Working group addressing small businesses

ATTENTION: Regional and Trade LMHS committees. The Provincial Labour Management Health and Safety Committee (PLMHSC) of the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association is looking for volunteers to help assist with completing one of its strategic priority objectives. Priority #3 from […]