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Don’t miss the 2017 North American Iron Workers / IMPACT Conference

James Benham
CEO, JBKnowledge 
Amazing Technology for the IW Industry
Tuesday, March 21  |  7:55 a.m. – 8:40 a.m.
With extensive experience in the design, development and use of technology to improve efficiency, James is a sought-after speaker across the United States, Canada and abroad on business information technology, data security and innovative software tools. He has been recognized as one of ENR Texas & Louisiana’s 2014 Top 20 Under 40 for his advancements in construction technology. James will share his knowledge on how to leverage technology advancements to drive success.
Chris Buckman
Vice President of Corporate Construction, 
BMWC Constructors, Inc. 
Achieving ZERO in the Toughest Environments
Tuesday, March 217:35 a.m. – 7:55 a.m. 
Chris is responsible for BMWC’s construction services across the country. He participates in several regional and national construction industry groups and serves on the board of The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC). He also serves as an advisory board member of a local diverse business entity union contractor in Indianapolis. He believes that by helping other union contractors perform well, we collectively build a stronger union construction industry that benefits everyone.
A Frank Discussion with Iron Workers and IMPACT Leadership
Make it your mission to join the Iron Workers (IW) leaders and Co-Chairs, as they discuss the state of our industry and the relationship between the ironworkers and their contractors. They are ready to answer your questions and concerns during this popular breakout session.
The Elite Workforce: Competency At Every Level, All the Time!
How do you build an elite workforce? Hear Waiward Steel’s story. Learn how life-altering injuries inspired their competency management revolution resulting in more than 4 million work hours free of lost time injuries. Hear how Waiward shifted its culture and changed the way it manages health, safety, quality and productivity.
Welding Economics: Dollars and Cents Behind the Arcs and Sparks
If you could make several small changes in your welding process that could reduce costs by 80 percent, would you make them? From designing to making the weld, see how each decision affects the bottom line and learn how small changes in joint design and deposition rate work together to achieve exponentially better results.
Stand Out From the Rest: Certifications
Say goodbye to third party tests and associated certification costs. Instead, let the Iron Workers (IW) provide all the certifications needed for your members and employees. Join the IW apprenticeship and training staff as they review welding, safety and work related certificates and courses.
Where is the Work and How to Get It?
Want to learn secrets for finding work? A strategy to set you apart from the competition is the difference between being vulnerable and having the competitive advantage to win the next project and increase market share. From finding the best project and customer to market analysis, IMPACT will help you identify a strategy to win work.
Fab Shops: Health Care Writ Large!
Is your fabrication shop looking for a way out of the health care maze? Do you need an affordable option for your employees that won’t take extra time and effort? The Iron Workers (IW) Shop Department has good news! The new national health care plan for fab shops is here at an affordable cost to all employers.
Expanding Your Scope: One Contractor’s Journey
Are you ready to grow and expand your business? Hear the story behind Apex Steel’s success and learn how one business became three over twenty years. Apex Steel is one of the top 20 Steel contractors in the Nation.
What’s a Public-Private Partnership and Why is it Important to Me?
If you’re in the dark about the role you play and how you can be more proactive, here’s your chance to have experts shine a light on the different pieces that fit together. They are ready to share important information and discuss labor agreements and issues that matter to you.
You will leave the 2017 North American Iron Workers/IMPACT Conference with more knowledge and business acumen than when you arrived. Meet the most powerful and influential people in the industry.