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Eight Characteristics of Agile Leaders

A Letter From Ron Magnus, Managing Director

If any sport requires the need for agility, surfing would be at the top of the list. The changing currents, rip tides, size of the swell, and the timing it takes to catch a wave are all components of surfing that look different each ride. Agility becomes a key characteristic necessary for surfers to be successful. Good agility translates into better performance and faster response times, which creates a clear advantage over competitors.

Much like the dynamic nature of a surfer’s environment, today’s construction and engineering industry is becoming more complex and volatile. As over 10,000 baby boomers continue to retire every day, the upcoming generations will need much more than pure business acumen to navigate the waters and lead effectively. 8 Characteristic of Agile Leaders, authored by Emily Livorsi and Kyla Holcombe, defines agility as: “the power to move quickly and nimbly while thinking on your feet and acting decisively.” This article examines how leadership agility closely aligns with what it looks like to be a Peak Leader in today’s industry while also rendering recommendations for fostering agility in your people.

Ron Magnus

Eight Characteristics of Agile Leaders

By Emily Livorsi and Kyla Holcombe

In this article, we describe how leadership agility is closely aligned with what it takes to be a Peak Leader—a concept FMI has researched for more than a decade in the engineering and construction industry. We also provide recommendations for fostering agility in your people, a task that, if not already on your to-do list, should be marked as an urgent priority starting today.

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