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Ontario Erectors Association

PPO – A Thank You Letter

Dear OEA Members,

As your constituent and a member of Prompt Payment Ontario (PPO), I am posting to encourage you to thank the Government for undertaking the Construction Lien Act (CLA) Review and announcing the subsequent introduction of legislation in spring 2017. This legislation will help trade contractors and suppliers like you, to run businesses with more certainty, provide more competitive bids and meet financial responsibilities in a timely fashion.  The introduction of Prompt Payment legislation will improve your business, which in turn will help employees and their families, suppliers and the economy as a whole.

I fully support the position of PPO and refer you to the letter sent by that group on Monday October 31st, 2016.  Prompt Payment is about fairness, where small businesses, like your, are not faced with risk from higher up the construction chain, simply because someone has an advantage of purchasing power. You could refuse to bid those jobs, but sometimes it is about putting food on the table and keeping teams employed. It is a tough choice to make.

What matters to me, as a taxpayer, is that both public and private sectors be included in this new regime.  If governments truly want to protect taxpayers, then paying for approved work would be a major step in that direction. It would not only help to ensure higher employment in the construction sector and but help all of us support our families.

Through our representatives on PPO, we understand that the work undertaken for the Construction Lien Act Report was thorough, objective and based on a deep understanding of the industry we call our own.  It would only make sense then to have the same people, Bruce Reynolds and Sharon Vogel, involved in making sure the legislation reflects those recommendations without misinterpretation.

The construction industry is key to Ontario’s growth.  It is trade contractors and their employees who actually build the structures and roadways that make this growth possible.  It is time for fairness and we look forward to seeing it in the new legislation.

To find out more about PPO’s position or set up a meeting please contact or 647-317-9057.



Jack Mesley