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Ontario Erectors Association

Workplace PPE Supplier Directory

To support business owners, workers and the economic recovery of the province, the Government of Ontario has developed the Workplace PPE Supplier Directory to help Ontario businesses identify suppliers of personal protective equipment (PPE). The Workplace PPE Supplier Directory lists Ontario companies that are ready to supply PPE. It includes their company name, contact information and type of PPE that they can provide.

Your support with three items is requested:

  1. If your members have a ready supply of PPEs or are looking for PPEs, please refer them to the directory at
  2. The directory includes information on industry exchanges/platforms. If your organization has a PPE exchange or platform and you would like it listed on the website, please confirm by emailing and provide the following information:
  • Your organization’s PPE exchange/platform name, as you would like it to appear on the directory
  • Website link
  1. To increase awareness and support businesses returning to work, we would appreciate if you could include the Workplace PPE Supplier Directory on your site.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out, and please refer to the Workplace PPE Supplier Directory website for additional information.