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Ontario Erectors Association

Prompt Payment and Adjudication Now Fully Implemented

Good Morning All,
This is a historic day in our industry, “A-Day”, the day that the prompt payment regime and dispute resolution system in Ontario’s not-so-new-anymore Construction Act come into effect. Thanks and congratulations to everyone who helped make this happen! See the email from MAG below.
Cheers !!!

We are writing to advise you that the Honourable Doug Downey, Attorney General of Ontario, has issued a statement regarding the new prompt payment and adjudication regime under the Construction Act (the “Act”). To view the statement, please visit the following webpage:
The legislative amendments related to prompt payment and adjudication came into force on October 1, 2019, subject to applicable transition rules. Further information about these changes is available online at:
To learn more about adjudication and access the services of the Authorized Nominating Authority, please visit:
The full text of the amended Act and supporting regulations is available online at:
Ministry of the Attorney General