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Leadership Brief: Attracting the Gen Z Workforce


And No, We Don’t Mean Millennials

Millennials are no longer “the next generation.” How can you adjust your strategies to gain Generation Z’s attention and retain these future leaders?

Our industry continues to battle talent and workforce shortages. Millennials represent the largest generation currently in the labor force; however, Generation Z accounts for 61 million people in the U.S. – a population group that’s larger than the millennial generation. By understanding what experiences have shaped their views and what they most value, we can adjust our strategies to gain Generation Z’s attention.

To reach this next generation, we need to know more about its individual members and the world they have experienced since birth. This article is an introduction to this next generation. Still, the best way to truly know what motivates an individual is to have the conversation – take an interest in learning more about the person and about what he or she believes in and values.

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How to Leverage Your Board Ahead of Turbulent Times

The best boards are helping companies devise good plans of action for the future. Is yours on target? In this article, we explore the value of good boards of directors, hear real-life examples of these boards in action, and learn what steps E&C firms should be taking now to prepare for success in the future.

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How to Drive Productivity Through Lasting Field Leadership Development

Success in business today comes down to field leaders’ ability to stimulate performance not only through hard skills like quality and process improvements, but also through soft skills like motivating and influencing others. Find out the three primary forces that drive improved productivity in this article.

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But They’ll Never Retire – Overcoming Management Succession Procrastination

When construction executives speak of making an effective leadership and ownership transition, they often use the term passing the baton, conjuring an image of a tightly coordinated, intensely practiced transition happening smoothly and effortlessly at high speed. However, if most actual transitions looked like a relay race, the baton would spend more time on the track than in the hands of the participants.

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Managing Employees From Different Generations?

The business owners and managers of today are often forced to make important decisions regarding office flow and dynamics without precedent. The end result? Lack of cohesion between older generations and millennial employees make progress difficult, and sometimes impossible. And now, with Generation Z on the horizon, the need for strategies to fuse multiple age groups into a functional team is greater than ever before.

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Ownership Transfer & Management Succession

October 9-11 in Naples, FL

This three-day executive conference will help you define your legacy, provide an opportunity for the next generation and maximize your financial proceeds. After the conference, you will have a better understanding of taxes, stock transfer techniques, ownership transfer methodologies, evaluating and developing future leaders, and business continuity and planning processes.

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Leadership Institute

July 29-August 1 in Florissant, CO

This four-day experience gives you personal insight into the effectiveness of your unique leadership style and how it impacts others. Powerful learning experiences enable you to identify your strengths and opportunities for growth. This program focuses on the leadership challenges and development opportunities for Architect, Engineering, and Construction industry leaders.

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