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Autodesk’s Announced Acquisition of PlanGrid Aims to Tackle the Design-to-Construction Disconnect

Integrating design document creation and project execution into a unified platform is the strategic goal of Autodesk’s $875 million acquisition of a tech startup that set out to replace blueprints with digital workflows delivered by mobile devices on jobsites, seven years ago.

Autonomous Drone System Tested for Mapping Without GPS

Uses envisioned include searching for missing hikers in forests or mapping construction progress autonomously within indoor locations

Autodesk Puts Its Money on Construction’s Efficient Future

The convergence of virtual reality, prefabrication, manufacturing, building information modeling and construction came into better focus for Autodesk product users in mid November at the software vendor’s annual conference in Las Vegas.

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Why Using Big Data Mitigates Risk and Helps Construction Businesses
by Jim Lynch

Construction companies that adopt technology to accelerate delivery can achieve real efficiencies, but if they aren’t also gaining insight from the project data, they’re missing a major opportunity.

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