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Ontario Erectors Association

CCA Weekly | October 2, 2018


Industry opposed to new community benefits measures

“The industry is supportive of community benefits, being good corporate citizens,” said Mary Van Buren. The CCA has voiced strident opposition to the new community-benefit measures enacted by Bill C-344, an amendment to the Department of Public Works and Government Services Act. Read more

Cost escalation biggest challenge facing real estate development: survey

A new survey reports the three biggest business challenges the real estate development industry will face over the next five years are cost escalation, trade and labour shortages and the development approval process. Read more

Canada supports global infrastructure with new hub in Toronto

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada will contribute $20 million to the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) to establish Toronto as the centre of its North American operations. Read more


The feds must protect the rights of subcontractors in bankruptcy proceedings

Bankruptcy law affects the construction industry more than most. That is why the construction industry needs to know about subtle changes in bankruptcy law that have put the industry at a disadvantage relative to other creditors, most notable banks. Read more


P.E.I. engineering faculty creates buzz with hands-on approach

The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) in Charlottetown is turning heads with its accredited engineering school, known as the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering. Its unusual curriculum and hands-on approach to learning is drawing attention across Canada and the U.S. Read more


Overcoming the aversion to risk key to innovation in construction

“Unimpressive track record can be attributed to various internal and external challenges: the persistent fragmentation of the industry, inadequate collaboration with suppliers and contractors, the difficulties in recruiting a talented workforce, and insufficient knowledge transfer from project to project, to name just a few.” says CCI chair John Bockstael. Read more

This super-reflective coating keeps buildings cool so we don’t need as much AC

Buildings are already being painted white to help keep them cool. As temperatures increase, this new addition to the paint could help lower our massive air conditioning energy use. Read more


Navigating Construction – Bermuda 2019

You’ll love it at the CCA conference

Join over 400 delegates drawn from companies large and small, across the country, representing general and trade contractors, civil infrastructure as well as manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. Register now

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Want more information? On the conference website, you find useful information on all aspects of the conference including pricing, information on the conference hotel, flight discounts, activities to do in Bermuda, as well as details on our golf tournament, CCA tours and companions’ trip to Hamilton.

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