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Ontario Erectors Association

IHSA 2-Minute News February 2018

2-Minute News
  • IHSA Safety Talk: Hand protection
  • Basic Auditing Principles now available via E-Learning
  • IHSA’s Internal Auditor Conference
  • Training spotlight: Suspended Access Equipment – Planners
  • IHSA initiates review of 2014 Electrical Utility Safety Rules
IHSA Safety Talk: Hand protection
The best tools we have are our hands. We need to protect them on the job. Manual work exposes our hands to many different hazards, from cuts to chemicals, from pinching to crushing, and from blisters to burns.

Read the IHSA Safety Talk on Hand Protection.

Basic Auditing Principles now available via E-Learning
IHSA has now created an E-Learning version of its Basic Auditing Principles program. The course content is identical to the in-class option but offers more flexibility and convenience for the participant with a busy schedule.

Completion of Basic Auditing Principles E-Learning meets the training requirements for the Certificate of Registration (COR™) program and the National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) program.

To learn more about this option, visit the IHSA E-Learning page or the specific course page.

IHSA Internal Auditor Conference
IHSA’s COR™ Internal Auditor Conference at the Centre for Health and Safety Innovation in Mississauga is slated for March 29, 2018. Here you will meet current and future internal auditors and obtain valuable information, tools, and experiences to help you be successful in achieving and maintaining your COR™ certification. For more information, download the registration form.
Training spotlight: Suspended Access Equipment — Planners
This new program is intended to help employers who use suspended access equipment (SAE) or boatswain’s (i.e., bosun’s) chairs meet their legal responsibilities to develop work plans. It is designed to address the requirements listed in section 141.5. of the Construction Projects regulation (O. Reg. 213/91).


In this workshop-style training session, participants will learn about and practice using IHSA templates and checklists, which will help them develop the components that make up a work plan.


To learn more about this program, read the online course description.

IHSA initiates review of 2014 Electrical Utility Safety Rules
IHSA is seeking stakeholder input on the 2014 Electrical Utility Safety Rules (EUSR) from the electrical industry in Ontario. That’s why the association is hosting several stakeholder input sessions across Ontario to allow the users of the EUSR to share expertise and feedback into the review process of the EUSR.

For more information download the registration form.