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Ontario Erectors Association

Employment & Labour Law Update – Management Counsel Newsletter – October 2017

Download and enjoy our October 2017 edition of Management Counsel (Employment & Labour Law Update – October 2017 – Sherrard Kuzz LLP Employment & Labour Lawyers)

The Newsletter is published several times a year to highlight important issues in Canadian employment and labour law. This month we address two topics:

Tell me what you really think!  An honest reference, even if negative, is not defamatory.

A prudent employer will use a reference check as a key component to any job competition process. Unfortunately, an employer often receives unhelpful or misleading information as a result of the referee’s fear of being sued for providing a negative reference. However, as two recent decisions from Ontario’s Superior Court have shown, a former employer will not be liable for a negative reference if the content was true and made without malice.  Learn more…

Workplace offences of the olfactory senses.

Ideally, workplace misconduct is dealt with swiftly and decisively through an established disciplinary process. However, when the source of the offence is not a worker’s conduct but personal hygiene, what recourse does an employer have? Learn more…