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Ontario Erectors Association

Regular Monthly Union Dues Increase | Local 793

This notice has also attached notice has also been sent to all employers in contractual relations with I.U.O.E., Local 793. To ensure that all your employer association members are notified and implement the regular monthly union dues increase, we request that your association takes appropriate steps as well to inform your individual employers of this monthly deduction change.

In accordance with your collective agreement with 1.U.O.E., Local 793 and the Constitution of the International Union of Operating Engineers, please be advised that the Regular Monthly Union Dues amount for members of Local 793 and/or bargaining unit employees employed by your company has Increased by $0.50 per month as follows;

NEW REGULAR MONTHLY DUES AMOUNT effective July 1, 2017: $25.25 per month Kindly make the necessary changes to their monthly deductions effective for your July 2017 Employer Contribution Report, and continuing, as noted above.

Should you have any questions, please contact (905) 469-9299, ext. 2226.