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Ontario Erectors Association

What’s New – December 2016 | Issue #79

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Ontario Working With Federal Government To Protect Temporary Foreign Workers

The Ontario government is working with the Government of Canada to ensure temporary foreign workers are treated fairly and kept safe on the job through a new information-sharing agreement.

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Ministry Of Labour Recruitment

The ministry is looking to recruit construction health and safety inspectors, and employment standards officers across the province. There are 17 construction inspector positions and 18 employment standards officer positions available. Successful applicants will undergo extensive training made up of classroom and field study.

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New Noise Regulation Guideline

Ontario has released a new guideline on the noise protection requirements that apply to all workplaces under Ontario Regulation 381/15 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Worker exposure to noise that is not properly controlled or eliminated may cause permanent hearing loss. Learn how to protect workers from this hazard.

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Updated Pre-Start Health And Safety Review Guidelines

A pre-start health and safety review may be required if an employer plans to construct, add, install or modify an apparatus, structure, protective element or process at an industrial workplace. Learn when such a review is needed, and if so, what is required.

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Blitz Results: New And Young Workers

New and young workers in Ontario are three times more likely to be injured during their first month on their job than at any other time. This summer, the ministry conducted an enforcement blitz in the industrial sector focusing on new workers – including young workers – who were on the job for less than six months or those assigned to a new job. Learn what the inspectors found.

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Reminder Of Upcoming Public Holidays

Most Ontarians who are covered by the Employment Standards Act (ESA) are entitled to take Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day off – and be paid public holiday pay. Employees who are entitled to take public holidays off work may work on those holidays if they agree in writing. Please note that some employees may work in jobs that are exempt from public holiday provisions in the ESA.

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Animated Video Highlights Tips And Gratuities Rules

If you’re working in the service industry this holiday season, you should know about new rules surrounding the handling of tips and gratuities. Watch an animated video to learn about these rules.

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Building And Working Safely On Ice Covers In Ontario

Working, travelling and parking on the frozen surfaces of ponds, lakes and rivers can be hazardous if the ice cover cannot safely support the load. The Infrastructure Health & Safety Association provides a guideline that summarizes best practices for the construction and operation of transportation roadways and working platforms that rely on floating ice.

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