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Ontario Erectors Association

CLA REVIEW Information – Prompt Payment Ontario

The CLA Review has made public the submissions which it has received, notes from consultation meetings, list of new issues and the list of Advisory Panel members.  In addition, there was an “exploratory meeting”, from which the survey results and submission are both posted.

The PPO Executive are following up with their legal/research team. There is a short window of opportunity to comment on the submissions and new issues (deadline Jan 22 and Jan 29 respectively).  The material is under review now and will determine our next steps.

The Review has initiated the Advisory Group process with a now fully constituted Advisory Group. The broadly constituted Advisory Group is composed of representative individuals who, through decades of experience, have developed subject matter expertise relevant to the Construction Lien Act and the construction industry. The purpose of the Advisory Group is to further the discussion of issues and possibly identify opportunities for consensus-building.

A list of the members of the Advisory Group is posted on the website.

Should you have any questions, contact by e-mail at CLA­

Thank you for your ongoing support.