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Ontario Erectors Association

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“Want a Better Bottom Line? Teach Your Field Managers How to Improve Company Profits with this 1-day course. Designed to help field managers understand that they are critical to the company’s bottom line and learn steps that they can take to improve profits.

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The course is designed to:

  • Teach field managers why profits are important
  • Outline specific steps field managers can take to
    improve profits

Topics Covered: 

  • The role of a foreman and superintendent in managing job profits
  • How to become a low-cost producer by working smarter
  • How to identify weaknesses in your company’s current field management practices
  • How contractors keep score and measure profitsunnamed
  • How small changes in productivity create large changes in your bottom line
  • That 75-90% of the cost of construction is spent in the field
  • How small profit margins in the industry really are
  • The 11 habits of a highly productive field manager
  • How planning and communication directly impact productivity
  • The field manager’s role in motivating a diverse workforce