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IMPACT Newsletter – October 2019

Industrial Info

IMPACT provides Industrial Information Resources’ (IIR) PEC reports to partner Local Unions and District Councils. PEC reports identify specific project related data. Learn More

Monahans Lockridge To Waha Grassroot Natural Gas Compressor Station

Dodge Pipeline

IMPACT provides complementary Dodge Pipeline access to all partner contractors and local unions. Learn more

Bridge Removal and Replacement (CO 007)

Project Highlights
Palms Casino Resort

Southwest Steel, with the general contractor McCarthy Building Companies, relied heavily on the skills of Iron Workers Local 433 (Las Vegas) members for the $690 million Palms Casino Resort renovation.

Southwest Steel furnished and installed entrance trellises, stainless steel hand railings and the signature entrance gates. Quality and craftsmanship were extremely important to the general contractor. Iron Workers Local 433 showed great attention to detail. With the fast approaching deadline, the ironworkers with Southwest Steel worked tirelessly to deliver the project on schedule and budget without any safety issues or lost-time incidents.
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Safety, Leadership and Training

Safety Spotlight

New OSHA Weighting System Could Mean More Inspections

OSHA put a new weighting system in place for workplace safety and health inspections for the fiscal year 2020. The new system replaces the former time-centric program.

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Training Spotlight

IMPACT Training in December

Superintendent Training for Ironworkers

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Leadership Spotlight

When Contractors Should Build a New Identity

There comes a day for many construction companies when their business names or corporate structures cease to serve every need.

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White House Says Infrastructure Projects Should Seek Private Funding

White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow has a message for states and business leaders planning the nation’s biggest infrastructure projects, “we’ll cut red tape for you, but don’t expect a check from us.”

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Owners, Contractors Have Different Ideas of What Makes Multi-Site Work Successful

A new study from Dodge Data & Analytics and Sevan Multi-Site Solutions found that owners and contractors don’t see eye to eye about key factors of how a successful multi-site construction campaign plays out.

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How to Prepare for an Economic Downturn & Protect Your Company’s Future

When is the downturn coming? It’s the million-dollar question causing consternation in construction company boardrooms. Whether the next downturn is a depression, recession or simple market correction, there will be ripples experienced across all industries, but perhaps none more than construction.

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Predictive AI Construction Group Attracts More Leading Firms, Including Skanska

Skanska USA, Skanska Sweden, Webcor Builders, Obayashi and concrete contractor Lithko Contracting have signed on with the Predictive Analytics Strategic Council, which was launched earlier this year to share and analyze safety data from each firm in the group.

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Construction Jobless Rate Falls, Matching Industry’s 10-Year Low

Construction’s September unemployment rate equaled its lowest monthly level in more than a decade, although the industry only gained 7,000 jobs during the month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.

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Contractor News & Resources

2019 Project of the Year Awards

Submissions for 2019 Project of the Year awards started on October 1st. Don’t miss the chance to win in one of six categories! Follow the steps below to submit:

  1. Click “Submit now” button below
  2. Log in to your IMPACT member page
  3. On the Project of the Year Program page, click on the “Project of the Year Nomination Form” to submit

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Probabilistic Risk Management in Design and Construction Projects

This material is a summary and examination of a CII research team’s findings resulting from a survey of 104 contractor and end user organizations worldwide. The topic provides an overview of when, why, and how probabilistic approaches are used, and documents the kinds of successes organizations were achieving through probabilistic risk management. Read more

Click here to view the CII Knowledge Base

New England RAB Meeting

It was a full house at the New England RAB Meeting in Maine on October 16th. The agenda was packed with informative content about how contractors can leverage the renewable energy industry for their success. Many dignitaries and industry experts presented at the meeting. IMPACT meetings and training courses are offered to partner contractors as part of their membership benefits.

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New England Safety Summit Meeting

New England District Council-IMPACT RAB Safety Summit Meeting was held at the Iron Workers Local 7 training center in Boston on October 22. It was a great opportunity for partner contractors and ironworkers to share knowledge, experience and best practices to raise safety standards and health performance in the New England District Council. The latest important safety and health issues and incident trends were discussed.
California District Council of Iron Workers – I.M.P.A.C.T. Safety Summit Round Table Meetings 2019

Watch California safety summit video on IMPACTv

Ironworker News & Resources

Returning Skilled Trades to the High School Curriculum

The Iron Workers’ Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee is tasked with looking at the current workforce development situation to determine what should be done to prepare young adults to be career-ready after high school, not just college-ready.

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Construction Crews Have High Odds for Opioid Abuse

Hard-hat jobs are tough and demanding, often entailing intense physical labor performed in dangerous situations. But a new study finds construction work also comes with another danger: An increased risk of drug abuse.

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Iron Workers Chief of Staff shares thoughts on the opioid crisis (video)

Advanced Layout Total Station at Iron Workers Local 584

IMPACT offered an Advanced Layout Total Station class at the Iron Workers Local 584 training center in Tulsa, Okla., September 16-20. The 5-day class consisted of classroom instruction and hands-on training to bring ironworker members and partner contractors up-to-date on the newest total station workflow. Ironworkers from Local 84 (Houston) 263 (Dallas, Texas), Local #5 (Upper Marlboro, Md.) and Local 584 (Tulsa, Okla.) participated with Harmon Glass and Bennett Steel.

IMPACT & Iron Workers In the News

Ironworkers Apprentice Competition in Albuquerque

Ten competitors from eight states competed in the annual apprenticeship competition at Iron Workers Local 495 (Albuquerque, N.M.)

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Ironworkers Top Out Tallest Residential Tower

Central Park Tower in New York city is claiming the title of tallest residential tower in the world. Iron Workers Local 46L in New York is on the project.

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