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Employment & Labour Law Update – Management Counsel Newsletter – November 2019


Employment & Labour Law Update – November 2019 – Sherrard Kuzz LLP Employment & Labour Lawyers

We hope you enjoy our November 2019 edition of Management Counsel (attached).  Our newsletter is published several times a year to highlight important issues in Canadian employment and labour law.  In this edition, we address two topics:

Labour Day Came Early: Significant changes to the Canada Labour Code now in force.

Labour Day came early, as significant amendments to Part III of the Canada Labour Code were proclaimed into force effective September 1, 2019, substantially changing the workplace landscape for federally-regulated employers. Of particular importance are the new rules and requirements related to hours of work, the right to a flexible work arrangement, and new paid leave entitlements.

Accommodation Need Not Be Perfect So Long As It Is Reasonable.

Whether an employer’s offer of accommodation is reasonable can be difficult to determine. On the bright side a recent decision from the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario argued by Sherrard Kuzz LLP lawyers, Brian Wasyliw and Jeffrey Stewart, affirmed that accommodation need not be perfect so long as it is reasonable, and further that the duty to accommodate does not mean an employer must offer a position that accommodates an employee’s preferences.

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