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August 2019 2-Minute News from the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association

2-Minute News

  • IHSA Safety Talk: Safety at Home
  • IHSA’s 2018 Annual Report now available
  • Product spotlight: Keep Your Promise: Struck-by Poster (P125)
  • MOL to partner with IHSA for focus on musculoskeletal disorders and respiratory hazards
  • Simplifying WSIB clearance

IHSA Safety Talk: Safety at Home

The purpose of delivering safety talks and providing health and safety training is to encourage you to work safely and to think about health and safety at work. In the summer, however, many of us spend a little less time at work and a little more time at home with family and friends.


Just like at work, at-home incidents are caused by improper practices and lack of precautions and protection. That’s why safe practices at home are just as important as safety on the job.


Read the Safety at Home safety talk.

IHSA’s 2018 Annual Report now available

IHSA’s 2018 Annual Report is now available for download on the IHSA website. This annual report summarizes our efforts and shows how we are focusing on the worker and keeping our promise to provide them with the tools to work safe for life.


Read the 2018 IHSA Annual Report.


Product spotlight: Keep Your Promise: Struck-by Poster (P125)

IHSA’s newest poster focuses on the importance of struck-by hazards. This poster reminds workers, drivers, and pedestrians that they all have a role to play when it comes to preventing struck-by incidents when working around heavy equipment and motor vehicles. This poster is free of charge to order and is also available as a downloadable pdf.


View the Keep Your Promise: Struck-by Poster.

MOL to partner with IHSA for focus on musculoskeletal disorders and respiratory hazards

The Ministry of Labour (MOL) is partnering with IHSA, Public Services Health and Safety Association (PSHSA), Workplace Safety and Prevention Services (WSPS), Workplace Safety North (WSN) and Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW) to provide resources in preparation for a fall focus on healthy workers in healthy workplaces – musculoskeletal disorders and respiratory hazards.


This focus will take place from September to December and will look at businesses in all sectors. The effort will involve a compliance component as well as enforcement.

IHSA will provide prevention information and resources through its website during the fall. As well IHSA’s Peter Vi will take part in a free MSD webinar on September 12.

To learn more about what inspectors will focus on and why these two areas have been selected for such particular attention, visit the MOL website.


Simplifying WSIB clearance

This September, instead of creating a specific clearance for each business a contractor works with, one clearance will be automatically created if you are up to date with the WSIB.

To help make this change smoother, clearances expiring August 19 will be valid November 19, 2019.

Find out more at the WSIB website.


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