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2-Minute News from the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association – July 2019

  • IHSA Safety Talk: Tarping loads
  • IHSA launches online resource — Road Safety Solutions
  • Struck-by Object Hazard and Controls: Mechanical Trades (Pipe/Sheet Metal) (W500)
  • IHSA awards mark safety achievements

IHSA Safety Talk: Tarping loads

Covering a load with tarps and removing them afterwards can be hard work for flatbed truck drivers. A tarp can weigh up to 100 pounds and be difficult to handle, especially if the load you’re covering is bulky or uneven or if the weather is windy, wet, or icy.

Read the IHSA Safety Talk on Tarping Loads

IHSA launches online resource — Road Safety Solutions

Motor vehicle incidents (MVIs) are a leading cause of traumatic workplace fatalities and lost-time injury claims. MVIs are a workplace hazard that affects all industry sectors in Ontario. Whether you drive for work or have employees who drive for work, driving may be the most dangerous part of the job.

IHSA has launched a new Road Safety Solutions resource on the website that is designed to help firms manage the risks associated with driving and guide them through building a road safety plan for their health and safety program.

Included in the resources are free-to-download sample policies, procedures, safety talks, and tip sheets. In addition, YouTube videos and an e-learning program will guide you through a 4-step process of building a road safety plan.

To learn more, visit the Road Safety Solutions page or email ihsa for details.

Struck-by Object Hazards and Controls: Mechanical Trades (Pipe/Sheet Metal) (W500)

Struck-by object injuries are the second-most common type of serious injury for workers in the plumbing, pipefitting, sheet metal, air conditioning, and sprinkler trades. One way to help prevent struck-by object injuries is to make workers more aware of the main causes of these injuries.

This document contains a hazard and control table to plan work tasks, identify the hazards associated with those tasks, and implement controls to reduce the exposure to those hazards.

Read Struck-by Object Hazards and Controls: Mechanical Trades (Pipe/Sheet Metal) (W500)

IHSA awards mark safety achievements

IHSA has several awards that have been created to mark the safety achievements of both individuals and groups. Each year we look for nominees for these awards. Those who wish to nominate someone have until July 31 to do so.

The awards include:

  • The John M. Beck Award – presented to a Joint Health and Safety Committee that is active in Ontario construction and recognizes contributions made in the previous year.
  • The Roy A. Phinnemore Award – presented to a deserving individual who warrants recognition on behalf of the construction industry.
  • The Gil Samson Award – presented to a Labour-Management Committee based on their activities during 2018 and as selected by the Provincial Labour-Management Health and Safety Committee.
  • The Ken Hellawell Transportation Safety Award – recognizes contributions made by an individual who is active or retired from the Ontario Transportation industry and exhibits extraordinary leadership, initiative, creativity, and innovation towards the advancement of health and safety.

To learn more about the criteria or to receive a nomination form, please email IHSA.

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