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The Iron Messenger: An IMPACT Publication, May 2019 Issue

Project Highlights

  • Industrial Info
  • Dodge Pipeline
  • Spotlight on Safety, Training and Leadership
  • News and Resources For Contractors
  • News and Resources For Ironworkers
  • IMPACT and Iron Workers In The News
  • Upcoming Events

Industrial Info

IMPACT provides Industrial Information Resources’ (IIR) PEC reports to partner Local Unions and District Councils. PEC reports identify specific project related data.

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Monahans Lockridge To Waha Grassroot Natural Gas Compressor Station

Dodge Pipeline

IMPACT provides complementary Dodge Pipeline access to all partner contractors and local unions.

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Bridge Removal and Replacement (CO 007)

Project Highlights

Raiders Stadium in Las Vegas

Derr & Isbell Construction Company and Union Erectors, LLC are working with Iron Workers Local 433 in Las Vegas on the $1.8 billion, 65,000-seat Las Vegas stadium project. The project has reached halfway point with 44% of the work completed. Eleven of the 26 canopy trusses on the stadium perimeter have been installed with the help of two super cranes and a small army of ironworkers responsible for the precision placement of the steel that will support the translucent stadium roof. The roof will be assembled on the stadium floor and lifted into place. All the trusses are expected to be in place by July. Project completion is still 14 months away.

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Safety, Leadership and Training

Safety Spotlight

Construction Takeaways from OSHA’s Updates

In 1995 OSHA began its Standards Improvement Project with the goal of streamlining its own rules, increasing compliance and taking some of the financial and regulatory burden off employers.

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Training Spotlight

IMPACT Training in June

Improving Communication Skills

Superintendent Training for Ironworkers

Getting Things Done® (GTD®) Workshop: Mastering Personal Productivity

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Leadership Spotlight

Contractor Succession Planning Has Evolved

Succession planning has always been a hot topic among contractors of a certain age, and that’s not likely to change. Today’s discussions are broader and include many more alternatives.
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Where Safety Innovation Fits in Heads-Down Construction

In the construction industry, the most threatening risks are the ones that go undetected for too long: design flaws that are spotted well into construction, bad habits that could get a craft worker hurt or a hazard that escapes a manager’s attention. Read more

Construction Industry to Workers Battling Addiction: ‘We want to help’

“Good people are dying, and the statistics aren’t in our favor. We want to save lives, we want to give hope to those who are struggling, and we want to provide a platform with answers and resources to people who need it.” Read more

Construction Employers Must Adapt to Millennial Workforce Needs

Workplace millennials want to be respected, included in decisions, sit in on important meetings and they need to know their work is relevant. Read more

Modular Construction Use is Booming in Commercial Building

As more and more developers get accustomed to the process, use of modular construction is expected to increase.

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Contractor News & Resources

Safety Summit Roundtable Meetings

Safety Summit Roundtable Meetings June 6, 2019

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Project Change Management

Although the pressures of individual project performance can often obscure organizational performance improvement, best practices implemented across a portfolio of projects can provide the greatest overall benefit and eventually help organizations achieve more consistent success.

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Ironworker News & Resources

35th Annual Ironworker Instructor Training Program

The 35th Annual Ironworker Instructor Training Program will be held at Washtenaw Community College and University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, July 14 -19, 2019.

Click here for a list of ironworker-contractor professional development courses.
Click here for the 2019 program catalog.

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Ironworker Named 2019 TAUC Craftperson of the Year

Tony Poma from Iron Workers Local 25 in Detroit has been named 2019 TAUC James J. Willis Craftperson of the Year. The award recognizes outstanding labor-management cooperation and quality craftsmanship in the union construction and maintenance industries.

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Subcontractors Trade Association Honors Ironworker

Subcontractors Trade Association honored industry leaders at its 50th Annual Construction Awards Dinner. Robert Walsh of Iron Workers Local 40 was honored as Labor Leader of the Year.

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Construction Industry Has a Shortage of Women, Not Skilled Labor

“The construction skilled labor shortage is making headlines in the news. But the construction industry has a shortage of women, not skilled labor,” says Iron Workers General Organizer Vicki O’Leary.

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IMPACT & Iron Workers In the News

Local 44 Apprentice Competition

Apprentices from Iron Workers Local 44 in Cincinnati showcased their skills and mettle at the annual apprentice competition. Watch them take part in a 35-foot column climb.

Ironworkers Build Philadelphia Skyscraper

This will help you to have far more respect for ironworkers who build infrastructure that we rely on daily.

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Canadian Ironworkers Train Youth for LNG Projects

The first of the proposed LNG projects in northern British Columbia broke ground this month. The $40 billion project is expected to employ 4,500 workers, 95% of whom will be Canadian. Iron Workers Local 97 in Vancouver and other construction unions are working closely with their contractors, apprenticeship programs and local communities to ensure the youth learn the skills needed for these projects.

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Mother-Daughter Ironworkers

Carolina Taylor has been an ironworker for the past 22 years. With such a hardworking mom as her example, Kat grew up to be self-sufficient.

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Ironworkers Celebrate A Century of Labor in Winnipeg

The ironworkers were gold sponsors at the event celebrating a century of labor in Winnipeg.

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Upcoming Events

Safety Summit Roundtable Meeting – June 6, 2019
Improving Communication Skills – June 11-12, 2019
Superintendent Training for Ironworkers – June 11-13, 2019
Getting Things Done® (GTD®) Workshop: Mastering Personal Productivity – June 25, 2019
SkillsUSA TECHSPO Tradeshow – June 25-27, 2019


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