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CISC Members & Associates Quarterly Newsletter | Spring 2018

Dear Members & Associates,

We are pleased to bring you the spring edition of our Members & Associates Quarterly Newsletter. This newsletter will provide a high level update of key initiatives and activities that the CISC has been engaged in during the previous quarter.

Our goal is to enhance our communications and to keep you informed of everything the CISC is doing on behalf of the steel industry.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions! Please send any comments to Amanda Charlebois, Marketing & Communications Manager at

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1. Register for the Canadian Steel Conference!

The Canadian Steel Conference brings our steel industry together every year to learn, build relationships, develop businesses and celebrate steel–while having fun!

This year’s event will be held from September 19-21, 2018 at the Marriott Harbourfront Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia–one of North America’s most cultural and historic cities. Over the course of three days, we’ll be hosting multiple business development, technical and social networking events for over 300 attendees from the Canadian steel industry.

To register and for more information, visit!

2. It’s not too late to become a SteelDay host!

SteelDay is an annual, national event that showcases the versatility, performance and sustainability of steel, as well as its various innovative applications. This year it will be held on September 28, 2018.

We invite you to open your facilities, job sites and offices to offer tours and demonstrations nationwide! Visit to register and for more information.

Let’s show our communities how the steel industry is building Canada while celebrating steel!


1. CISC weighs in on recommendations for Canada’s retaliatory tariffs against the U.S.

As a result of global steel tariffs imposed by the U.S. earlier this year, the Canadian government announced the official implementation of their new dollar-for-dollar retaliatory tariffs against the U.S. in effect as of July 1, 2018. The CISC was active in communicating the needs of the steel construction industry, as well as the downstream industries, during the consultation period.

2. Canadian government offers relief to Canadian business affected by new steel tariffs

Since announcing Canada’s new reciprocal tariffs, the federal government has addressed the concerns of Canadian businesses who are being negatively affected by providing support in these areas:

3. Ontario’s Bill 194, Fairness in Procurement Act, receives Royal Assent

This act will restrict procurement opportunities for companies from states in the U.S. that have or will pass the Buy American Act. The CISC’s endless advocacy efforts has taken Canada one step closer to ending unfair one-way trade practices.
4. CISC counters an appeal to FISC trade case

In order to uphold the Canadian International Trade Tribunal’s original ruling, the CISC has challenged an appeal against the original offenders in the FISC trade case. We will continue to ensure that we are protecting Canadian market share in the interest of the steel construction industry.


1. Federal government develops prompt payment legislation

We have been actively participating in the consultation process to develop federal prompt payment legislation, alongside industry stakeholders and the lead consultants who successfully implemented Ontario’s Bill 142, Bruce Reynolds and Sharon Vogul. The Canadian government has released a commissioned report stating the need for prompt payment at a federal level-it is expected to be structured similarly to Ontario’s Bill 142, the Construction Lien Amendment Act.

2. Manitoba’s Bill 218, the Prompt Payments in the Construction Industry Act, passes second reading

The CISC has played a crucial role in pushing prompt payment in Manitoba. Our efforts has resulted in Canada’s second province developing legislation that protects our tradespeople from the negative effects of delayed payments!

3. Saskatchewan’s government commits to implementing prompt payment legislation

Saskatchewan will introduce amendments to the current Builders’ Lien Act to include prompt payment and adjudication provisions that ensures invoices are paid within a 30-day window. The CISC is actively working closely with government officials to ensure that the right changes will be made.

4. CISC British Columbia meets with Prompt Payment BC to discuss support efforts

We will be taking a far stronger leadership role in advocating and promoting prompt payment over the summer and into the fall. CISC B.C. will be developing an advocacy strategy on prompt payment in conjunction with CISC national office and with the regional managers who have been successful in having prompt payment legislation introduced in their region.

5. CISC Quebec continues to be active in the development of regional prompt payment legislation

  • CISC Quebec has joined the Montreal Board of Trade in order to be present for critical events and meet with board members. Through this platform, we will continue our efforts in actively promoting prompt payment.
  • We invited Robert Poeti, Minister for Integrity in Public Procurement and for Information Resources, to the CISC Quebec regional meeting to further discuss the progression of Bill 108, An Act to facilitate oversight of public bodies’ contracts and to establish the Autorité des marchés publics, which touches on prompt payment legislation.

6. CISC Quebec hosts a Day at the National Assembly

CISC Quebec hosted a Day at the National Assembly on June 14, 2018. We invited local Members & Associates to meet with caucus members to discuss prompt payment legislation and the North American steel trade tariffs.

Marketing & Communications
1. 2017/18 Annual Report
We have developed a new design for this year’s Annual Report in order to better communicate the work the CISC has done in the past year. This will be available for Members & Associates in the fall of 2018.

2. Increased social media presence across all platforms
While we continue to increase our presence on social media via Twitter and LinkedIn, we have also opened three additional channels: Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. By doing so, we are able to direct our communication initiatives more specifically and more effectively.

3. Updates to CISC Website
We continue to make updates to the CISC corporate website in order to ensure the highest quality user experience. New functionalities that have been updated or added include:
  • We have adjusted the job submission form on the CISC website to ensure we are able to publish accurate and informative job postings. We added new optional headings that will help employers specify their ideal candidate even further. Since going live, we have populated various job postings from our Members & Associates.
  • To further complement the CISC Careers Section, we have added an institution submission form that allows educational institutions to submit a program or course pertinent to a career in the steel industry. This feature will give students or those looking to make a career change the right tools, as well as spotlight academic institutions that support the steel industry.
  • Our Courses webpage on the CISC website has been renovated, making it more attractive and user friendly. We have now added larger thumbnails and boxes, course descriptors, quick look pricing and re-arranged ordering by strategically placing most sought out courses at the top. This continues to be a work in progress.
4. SteelDay2018
We are currently promoting SteelDay 2018 in Canada. Our communication tools range from e-blasts, social media posts and telemarketing initiatives to further communicate the significance of this event to hosts and attendees.

Marketing materials have been updated and provided to our hosts such as email templates, welcome signs, registration forms, letter templates, talking points, FAQs, SteelDay branding and any other ad-hoc materials that are requested.

5. Advantage Steel Magazine
The latest issue of Advantage Steel Magazine, titled “Latest Innovations in Steel,” features innovative stories and design projects from across the different regions of Canada.
6. Enhanced CISC brand and promoted steel by exhibiting, as well as presenting, at various construction industry trade shows
  • We connected with industry stakeholders to discuss the benefits and use of steel in building construction, as well as CISC products and services at Buildex Vancouver.
  • CISC Onatrio sponsored Terri Meyer Boake, professor of Architecture at the University of Waterloo, to present a lunch & learn session at the 2018 Ontario Association of Architects Conference. She shared her expertise on Clear Communications for Better Details & Results with industry stakeholders.
  • CISC Sponsored the 2018 CSCE-CISC Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition, as well as had the Ontario regional representative judge the competition.
  • CISC hosted a trade show booth at the Small and Medium Span Bridge Conference in Quebec this year. We met with a number of industry stakeholders and discussed the strength of steel in bridge structures!

Education & Research

1. Developing new courses for engineers and architects

The CISC surveyed engineers and architects across Canada to gain insight to develop courses in formats that best suit the user. We intend to use the data collected to create more valuable and informative courses moving forward.

2. Celebrating steel while challenging the innovation of student engineers!

The CISC hosted and participated in the CSCE-CISC Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition at the University of Waterloo. The event was an excellent display of innovation and ingenuity of our future engineers.

The CISC is actively reaching out to professors at universities across Canada to encourage and promote the importance of attending and competing in upcoming competitions. We also urge Members & Associates to get involved in the many sponsorship opportunities available every year.

Solutions Centre & Publications

1. CISC Steel Knowledge

CISC’s Steel Knowledge blog has published six new entries on, covering various design topics based on inquiries from Members & Associates.

2. CISC Steel Design Series

Part four of the Steel Design Series has been released as a free download on the CISC website. It provides tables of properties and dimensions for Welded Wide-Flange (WWF) and Welded Reduced-Flange (WRF) shapes, reprinted from the Handbook of Steel Construction, 10th Edition.

3. Codes & Standards

CISC participates in the development activities of various codes and standards. We have been assisting with the following committees:
  • National Building Code of Canada
    Both the Standing Committee on Structural Design and the Standing Committee on Earthquake Design have been very busy preparing and finalizing code change proposals to be released for public review in 2019.
  • CSA Standard S16 – Design of Steel Structures
    The next edition is due for publication in September 2019. The changes and new provisions proposed to be incorporated into S16-19 have been released for public review. The public may access the Public Review draft and submit comments through the CSA website ( The public review period will close on  September 24, 2018.
  • CSA Standard S6 – Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code
    Public review of proposed changes and new provisions to be incorporated in S6-19 concluded recently. The Technical Committee and CSA staff will finalize the English and French documents for publication in 2019. Notable new provisions include the rules for design of hybrid steel girders that feature High-performance and conventional steels, which lead more economical solutions in some applications.

4. Publications

The CISC continues to produce technical resources in order to provide continuous design and construction aids for Members & Associates.
  • CISC Steel Bridge Certification Standard – 3rd Edition, 2018 – This standard is used by bridge fabricators who wish to have their operations CISC Certified. CSA S6, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, now requires bridge Fabricators to have a bridge-specific audited and certified quality management system. CISC Bridge Certification is recognized by CSA S6-14 as meeting this requirement. This is publication is available in English and French.

Regional Updates – What’s New?


1. Promoting the use of steel

  • CISC Atlantic hosted a lunch & learn at SP Dumaresq Architects in February 2018. Tom Parsons presented about the use of stainless steel in projects and discussed the maintenance required to enhance its beauty and resilience.
  • CISC Atlantic were proud sponsors at the Nova Scotia Architects Association Conference on May 2, 2018 in Halifax, N.S. We had the opportunity to meet with various industry stakeholders to discuss the benefits of steel in design, as well as CISC products/services.

2. Engaging engineering and architecture students

  • Alongside Atlantic Board Member, Tim Houtsma, CISC Atlantic visited Dalhousie University to speak with engineering students. We discussed the many career opportunities available in the steel industry, in addition to showcasing the value steel brings to projects.
  • CISC Atlantic sponsored a team of students at the Dalhousie Capstone Engineering Conference in April 2018. The Capstone program matches student teams with partners from the industry, providing real problems for students to solve. This year, CISC assisted a team involved in a six story steel structure and introduced them to the Delta Beam.
  • We supported University of New Brunswick’s competing engineering team at this year’s CSCE-CISC Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition. Students were exposed to a unique experience, simulating a steel project with real-life challenges!

1. Protecting and growing market share activities
We continue to have a strong presence at key industry events. It is important that we encourage the growth of collaborations and alliances by networking with organizations, ministries, city officials, architectural and engineering firms, etc. We participated and met with various industry stakeholders at the following events:
  • Educators Forum
  • Conference on Galvanizing
  • CSCE-CISC Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition
  • Short and Medium Span Bridges Conference
2. Education
CISC Quebec takes a strong interest in the development and implementation of resources for students pursuing an education in steel design and construction. In the last quarter, we have been involved in:
  • Presenting two major steel projects, the Champlain Bridge Project & the CP Railway Outremont Bridge, to structural engineers in Montreal.
  • Assisting university teams with their capstone projects.
  • Promoting the steel construction industry, including the CISC’s initiatives, at various career day events.
  • Engaging CISC and CSCE Student Chapters at Quebec universities about the CISC, steel and various activities.
3. Bridge Committee
CISC Quebec continues to play an active role in the Bridge Committee. We are implementing initiatives on many fronts to more actively promote the Canadian steel bridge industry and CISC Certification.
  • The CISC will have an active involvement in the Transportation Association of Canada Conference (TAC)) in order to promote the advantages and viability of steel construction. The CISC, alongside its Members & Associates, promotes capabilities to the decision makers in bridge construction, highlights available diversification for design-best value, as well as understands the needs and direction of future bridge design, including how we can better serve the industry.
  • In a collaborative effort with Paul King of Rapid-Span, we created a “Certification White Paper” to effectively inform the importance of bridge certification.
4. Save the date!
The 20th anniversary of the CISC Quebec Design Awards Gala will be held in November 2018 at the CASINO of Montreal Main Theatre Hall. The theme this year: TRIBUTE TO THE STEEL INDUSTRY AND ITS IMPORTANT LEGACY IN QUEBEC.

We are excited to have Honorable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, join us at this year’s event.


1. Promoting steel at regional events

CISC Ontario hosted and attended several events across the region to discuss the advancements of steel, as well as protect/grow the market share.
  • CISC Ontario Spring Steel Symposium – On May 30, 2018 we hosted an event for engineers and architects in Vaughan. Four speakers presented on pertinent topics to the industry, including seismic design, fire protection (including integration with BIM), designing with HSS, castings and AESS.
  • CISC Ontario Regional Golf Tournament – On June 14, 2018, we invited industry leading engineers, architects and general contractors to a day of golf at Piper’s Heath Golf course in Milton.
  • Regional lunch & learns – We are working hard to schedule several Lunch and learns, targeting the west and Northern areas of the Province.

2. Supporting the education and career opportunities in the steel industry

CISC Ontario attended a number of events that helped to encourage and support the various career options within the steel industry.
  • Welding & Fabrication Technician and Welding Techniques Exposition
    On April 25, 2018, we attended Sir Sanford Fleming College to engage with welding students. We hope to showcase the right support and resources in order to encourage any possible career placements. This event was an excellent display of the hard work of our future welding and fabrication workforce.
  • Pathways and Career Expo by the Board of Education York-Simcoe
    We participated in this year’s job fair at the Pathways and Career Expo, where we spoke with students who planned on going straight into the workforce out of high school. We provided information about our sector and shared insight on what they can expect in their future career path.

Manitoba & NW Ontario

1. CISC Manitoba collaborates with Manitoba’s construction industry professionals to create new course
A Structural Steel Fabricators Fitters course is currently being developed, led by CISC Manitoba/NW Ontario, Manitoba Education & Training ministry, as well as the Manitoba Construction Sector Council.

The first course will allow present fabricator company employees to upgrade their skills and become certified fitters. In the future, the course will be adjusted to accommodate college graduates with the appropriate skills.
This certified course is set to be launched at the end of 2018.

2. 2018 Careers Day

In May 2018, CISC Manitoba/NW Ontario, alongside all the other Manitoba trades organizations, hosted almost 2,000 high school students at the annual Careers Day event.

Students had the chance to speak directly with our tradespeople to discuss the ins and outs of the trades, as well as learn about the growth of the steel industry. They were encouraged to try out different demonstrations, including welding, walking a beam, computer detailing and lifting materials with a forklift!

3. CISC Manitoba meets with University of Manitoba to promote steel

We recently met with the University of Manitoba’s department of Architecture to discuss new initiatives, including:
  • An on-going “speakers” series set to begin in the fall of 2018,
  • The first ever Building Steel Design Competition challenging student teams against one another. Downtown Winnipeg will be the focus of this competition.
  • A $142,000 grant over 5 years will help the department establish unique building “envelopes” research.
  • University of Manitoba to enter the CISC National Steel Design Awards for the first time in 20+ years.

4. Presentations and meetings

  • CISC Manitoba/NW Ontario met and presented at the semi annual Manitoba Trades Colleges meeting in Brandon, Man.
  • Met with the Rochelle Squires, Minister of Sustainable Development.
  • We continue to work with a sustainability article investigative writer to develop factual articles on steel versus concrete.

5. Save the date!

The 2019 Steel Design Awards will be held in Winnipeg, Man. We are planning a very special and unique program once again. Keep an eye out for more details to come!


1. Supporting the growth of the steel industry through education

CISC Saskatchewan sponsored the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) team who participated at the 2018 CSCE-CISC Canadian Steele Bridge Competition (CNSBC). Their bridge will be displayed at the upcoming regional golf tournament in September. That being said, we continue to find new ways to strengthen our relationship with the College of Engineering at U of S, in order to provide consistent and direct support to the engineering students in the province.

2. Collaborating with other regional industries

CISC Saskatchewan has been working closely with a local industry association, Saskatchewan Industrial & Mining Supply Association (SIMSA), to promote the capacity, as well as capabilities of the local steel fabrication and metal manufacturing sector. Through this initiative, we can explore new opportunities to showcase CISC fabricators and associate suppliers, in addition to their services.

3. Championing quality standards in steel construction

We are continuing our efforts in urging the Saskatchewan government to adopt CISC Quality Certification standards for bridge fabricators who bid on highways & infrastructure projects within the province.

4. Protecting and growing market share

CISC Saskatchewan hosted and participated in various events across the province that promoted the use/benefits of steel, as well as providing technical support to CISC Members & Associates and industry stakeholders.
  • Spring Steel Event
    Mike Fursier of Revay & Associates presented on Managing the Contract: Know What You’re Agreeing to & Avoid Costly Disputes, highlighting legal concerns for smaller fabricator members.
  • Lunch & Learn presentations:
    • AODBT Architects – Protective coatings theme
    • P3A Architects – Protective coatings theme
    • Alton Tangedal Architects – Collaborative design resources from fabricators 


1. Promoting steel at the CISC’s new Steel Design Forum

Launch of Steel Design Forum speaker series April 17, 2018. Speaker Jeff DiBattista of DIALOG presented the Opportunity of Technological Disruption, providing a great overview of the disruptive influence of technology and the opportunity to embrace, as well as leverage it.

The next event in the Steel Design Forum series will be held on October 17, 2018 in Calgary.

2. Engaging the Alberta government

In efforts to provide insight into the significance of the steel construction industry in Alberta, we have participated in the many opportunities to meet with government officials and provide further insight on the state, as well as the needs of our industry.
  • CISC Alberta attended Deputy Minister dinner hosted by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters in Edmonton.
  • Throughout the last quarter, we invited the Honorable Shaye Anderson, Minister of Municipal Affairs to tour multiple fabrication plants across the province.
    • Toured WF Steel & Crane (CISC fabricator member) and SuperMetal (CISC fabricator member)
    • Toured JV Driver (CISC fabricator member)

3. Education & Research – update

We have re-refreshed the members of our Education & Research Committee as we have appointing the Steel Centre as the primary link between the CISC and the University of Alberta, Faculty of Engineering. We have recruited five new members to this committee and revised the terms of reference to include administration of the G.F. Kulak Scholarship, in addition to the development of ties to Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). Through these relationships, we aim to promote and support steel design construction via their engineering, construction and applied sciences programs.

4. Growing market share

  • Banff Sessions Professional Development Conference
    We participated at this annual event in order to engage with over 400 architects from across the province. Additionally, we sponsored Terri Meyer-Boake of the University of Waterloo to highlight the benefits of steel design to architects and the design community, as well as AESS.
  • CISC Alberta Golf Tournament
    We invited over 130 attendees for a day of golf on August 13, 2018 in Edmonton. This annual event gives CISC Alberta the opportunity to meet with industry stakeholders and CISC Members & Associates to increase industry development and network!

British Columbia

1. Raising profile in the steel industry

CISC B.C. was present at the 2018 BUILDEX Vancouver, where we met with several industry stakeholders to promote and the benefits of steel construction and a wide variety CISC products/services.

We will also be present at the upcoming 2018 Ironworker Apprenticeship Competition.

2. Promoting the benefits of steel construction

We held a breakfast meeting in Vancouver with the keynote being provided by Dr. Michel Bruneau from the University of Buffalo. This event focused on Dr. Bruneau’s research on the impact of the earthquake in Christchurch on the built environment. This event also included presentations by Ed Whalen and Alfred Wong.

3. Bridging the gap between education and the steel industry

A key focus for CISC B.C. will be determining how we can begin to build closer ties between educators and CISC Members & Associates within the region. There is a strong appetite for developing a closer working relationship between the parties.

4. Future regional activities

By popular demand, the decision was made to proceed with a CISC B.C. Design Awards in the fall of 2018. A small task force has been requested to review the award criteria used in other jurisdictions and is now looking at finalizing the award categories, as well as creating a judging panel.
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