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In a Flash | Changes to Set Fines for OHSA Violations

Pursuant to Part I of the Provincial Offences Act, Ministry of Labour Inspectors are authorized to issue tickets and summonses for minorOccupational Health and Safety Act (“OHSA”) infractions. Tickets are subject to a set or predetermined fine and function the same as a ticket that may be issued by the police for speeding or other moving violation: there is no requirement to attend court and, if not challenged by requesting a trial, the set fine is to be paid by the recipient of the ticket. A ticket can only be issued for an offence that has been “scheduled” meaning that a set fine for the offence has been set out in a schedule issued by the Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice.

This article outlines recent amendments to existing set fines as well as new fines which have been set for various OHSA violations.

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