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Your Winter 2018 Edition edition of the Labour-Management Network e-News

Welcome to your Winter 2018 issue of the Labour-Management Network newsletter
Winter 2018 Issue
Institute for Work and Health, IHSA and Ontario Ministry of Labour host Dr. Linda Goldenhar
How can you improve health and safety culture?
On November 2, 2017, the Institute for Work and Health, IHSA and MOL sponsored an afternoon session on improving health and safety culture with construction stakeholders at IHSA’s Voyager Court S. location.
Dr. Goldenhar is an expert in building a health and safety culture and climate in construction workplaces and is the Director of Research and Evaluation at the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Dr. Goldenhar shared with the group her knowledge and organization’s free tools and resource including the Foundations for Safety Leadership (FSL) module and Safety Climate

Assessment Tool (S-CAT). This tool is aimed at improving health and safety outcomes in an organization.

Your Guide to Construction Health and Safety Legislation in Ontario

Download a free, new app designed to provide Ontario workplaces with an understanding of the Construction Projects Regulation. The guide provides information on 50 topics, from personal fall protection systems to scaffolds and electrical hazards. The app was designed by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.
Download on the Apple Store | Get it on Google Play | Access it on the Web
Minister of Labour Kevin Flynn visits with Electrical Utilities PLMSC

At the November 9 meeting of the Electrical Utilities Provincial Labour-Management Safety Committee (PLMSC), members received a visit from Minister of Labour, Kevin Flynn to whom they had extended an invitation.

After receiving a presentation from the committee members on health and safety activities, issues, and initiatives that have taken place in the electrical utilities sector, Minister Flynn then provided an overview on his vision and beliefs about workplace safety. He cited the recent mining review and the fact

that there were no mining fatalities last year and noted that similar results are possible in other sectors. The minister also updated the members on accreditation and other initiatives underway at the MOL.

Bill 177, Stronger, Fairer Ontario Act
Ontario Enhancing Workplace Health and Safety
Ontario is enhancing protection for workers by increasing the maximum fines for individuals and businesses that don’t meet workplace health and safety standards.
As of December 14, 2017, the maximum fines for an offence under the Occupational Health and Safety Act increased from:
  • $25,000 to $100,000 for an individual or unincorporated business (which had not changed since 1979)
  • $500,000 to $1,500,000 for corporations (which had not changed since 1990)

Ontario also changed the time limit to allow for prosecution, from one year from the date of the offence, to one year from the date an inspector becomes aware of an alleged offence.
Protecting workers and supporting business is part of Ontario’s plan to create fairness and opportunity during this period of rapid economic change. The plan includes a higher minimum wage and better working conditions, free tuition for hundreds of thousands of students, easier access to affordable child care, and free prescription drugs for everyone under 25 through the biggest expansion of Medicare in a generation.

For a look at the full details please click here.
MOL launches Working at Heights program evaluation
The numbers are in and lives have been saved but the goal of ensuring Ontario construction workers never again fall to their deaths on construction sites is far from secured.
That’s why the provincial government is reviewing the effectiveness of its mandatory Working at Heights (WAH) training standards, said Minister of Labour Kevin Flynn in a recent interview.
The current WAH training program standard came into effect April 1, 2015. Since then, Flynn pointed out, over 450,000 construction workers have received the necessary training, three times the number the ministry was initially expecting, he said.
And the first couple of years of statistics on injuries and deaths from falls showed improvement, though the final tallies for 2017 appear to show the drop has stagnated. Click here for the full story.
Labour-Management Network members are recognized
In 2017 several Labour-Management Committee members stepped down from their participation on a committee and were recognized by the members. Network e-News would like to acknowledge and congratulate those members for their contributions and dedication in the interest of Health and Safety.
Northwestern Region LMHSC:
Earlier this year the Northwestern Region LMHSC recognized long standing member Dave Bradshaw from Sheet Metal Workers International Association Local 397 (who recently retired) for his years of service on the Labour-Management Network.
Dave is seen here (left) receiving his certificate of appreciation from the Northwestern Committee Labour Co-Chair Josh Noga (right)
Other committee members that were recognized in recent months include the following:
London LMHSC: Steve Dietrich – Management Chair; James Wodham – Labour
Provincial LMHSC: Bob Kerr – Labour; Jim Lafontaine – Management Co-Chair; Renato Tacconelli – Management.
Masonry Trade LMHSC: Bob Kerr – Labour
Millwrights Trade LMHSC: Ian McIssac – Labour (Ian served on this committee for more than 25 years.)
Sarnia LMHSC: Bob Sauve – Labour Chair; James Wodham – Labour; Chris Thomas – Mgmt.
Surface Mining and Aggregates Working Group:  Mike Scott – OSSGA
Demolition Sector LMHSC: Craig Moore – Management
Occupational Disease and Research LMHSC: Robert Kerr – Management
Bob Kerr (L) is congratulated by Dean Dunn IHSA                   Craig Moore (L) is congratulated by Dean Dunn IHSA
Regional LMHSC Activity Update
Here is a look back at some of the outstanding efforts undertaken by the Regional Labour-Management committees in 2017. Click on the live links for full details
Barrie Region LMHSC: 

The Barrie Regional committee recently invited Barrie Fire Services to discuss site specific emergency rescue planning. The committee is also discussing outreach projects to communicate with the general public, as well as local contractors and are making a concerted effort to recruit new members.

Central Region LMHSC:
The Central Region LMHSC continues to produce an informative newsletter and have published two issues and completed work on another two for 2017. Topics addressed included motor vehicle incidents, the MOL safety blitz schedule and results, fall protection equipment; and carbon monoxide monitoring requirements.
Hamilton Region LMHSC:
The Hamilton Region LMHSC is currently planning this year’s annual joint meeting with the Central and Niagara LMHSC’s on June 13th. This year’s event is going to focus on mentoring young workers.  The committee is also working on a drug and alcohol template to guide contractors on developing their own.

Kingston Region LMHSC: 

The Kingston LMHSC continued another busy period of activities by hosting a half day seminar on Designated Substance Reports for the local contractors at the IHSA Training Facility in Kingston on October 3, 2017 – click here for more details.
London Region LMHSC:
The London Region LMHSC committee is continuing their effort to provide information to the Residential Sector.  The members also participated in events with Fanshawe College and the Lifestyle Home show sponsored by the London Home-builders Association. Their next health and safety pamphlet will focus on the safe use of propane.
Niagara Region LMHSC:
The Niagara Region LMHSC has published several documents with QR codes and links.  They include the reduction of noise induced hearing loss, language translation mobile device apps and mentoring of young workers. The Niagara committee will also continue to promoted its STEP program in the region.
North Bay Region LMHSC:
The North Bay Region LMHSC is preparing for a mock trial in September which will include students from Canadore College and local area high schools. They are also hosting a presentation on due diligence for stakeholders in the area.
Northwestern Region LMHSC:
The Northwestern Region LMHSC members hosted a presentation from Threads of Life with Lorna Catrambone at their November meeting. Lorna provided insight on the activities of her organization and provided details how individuals can support a great cause.
The committee members are presently working on arrangements to hold a mock trial that is being planned for Fall 2018.

Ottawa Region LMHSC:

On December 14, 2017, the Ottawa Regional Labour Management Health and Safety committee completed a half day seminar on information buyers of construction should know. The seminar was hosted at the Ottawa Construction Association with 30 in attendance.The day started out with registration and refreshments donated by Wes Fenton from M. Sullivan & Son.
IHSA began the seminar with a review of applicable legislation and workplace parties’ duties. Requirements for notice of projects, due diligence and changes which have been made to the construction regulations over the last two years were also reviewed. For more details and photos please click here.
Sarnia Region LMHSC:
The Sarnia Region LMHSC is once again planning to participate at the City’s annual Emergency Preparedness Day to provide local area students with young worker health and safety information. They are also in the process of promoting the IHSA’s “Keep Your Promise”campaign throughout the community.
Sault Ste. Marie Region LMHSC:
The SSM regional committee has been discussing ways to help the local school teachers educate students on health and safety so they are job ready for co-op program placements and other workplaces. The committee has also been addressing ways to attract new members to the committee.
Sudbury Region LMHSC:
The Sudbury Region LMHSC is planning an outreach event scheduled for March on Manitoulin Island. They plan to provide information and health and safety products including “What to Post on a Jobsite”. They too will be hosting a presentation on Due Diligence for stakeholders in the area.
Timmins Region LMHSC:
The Timmins Region LMHSC in collaboration with the Timmins Construction Association hosted their annual Safety Awards night on November 10/17 where they recognized area contractors who posted an exceptional safety record through 2016. 39 companies received awards and 61 peopled representing 13 companies attended the event.
The committee is also finalizing plans to hold a Timmins Health and Safety Conference on April 12, 2018 at the Dante Club. Their “Avoid the Worst – Put Safety First” event will include more than nine health and safety sessions of key interest to the Construction and Mining sectors in the region. The Prevention Office and new MOL Provincial Coordinator, Brian Barron have confirmed their participation.  For the registration form and more details on the conference lineup, please click here and for sponsorship opportunities please click here.
Toronto Region LMHSC:
The Toronto Region LMHSC held a very successful Health and Safety Day on October 27, 2017. Presentations included sessions on: noise, what an employer needs to know if an accident happens – a legal perspective; five hands-on presentations. The event concluded with an afternoon mock trial.
Windsor Region LMHSC:
The Windsor Region LMHSC submitted a needs analysis for the inspection and procedures to dismantle formwork. The members will also be participating in a safety event in September with IHSA’s mobile classroom.
Product ID: MC001
The newly designed and updated Mobile Crane Manual is now available for sale, both the IHSA website and through Amazon.
The most authoritative text on mobile cranes ever published. Endorsed by the world’s foremost authorities, this book is consistent with most national standards. Clear, concise and extensively illustrated for practical, on-site application by all operating and supervisory personnel. At 419 pages with over 500 illustrations and more than 150 load chart exercises for 17 different types of cranes, this is your comprehensive resource on mobile cranes.
Used internationally as an official course text in training and upgrading programs, this book is an essential reference in preventing costly and often deadly crane accidents. Click here to read more and for information to obtain a copy.

IHSA launches free translated e-learning presentations on hearing protection

 In 2017 Regulation 381 – Noise came into force. To assist workplaces with applying certain elements of this new regulation, the IHSA has released two e-learning presentations on the basics of hearing protection for 1) workers and 2) employers, Joint Health & Safety Committees and Health & Safety Representatives.
The presentations are translated into the following languages.
WSIB Introduces a new Workwell Mobile App
The WSIB’s free, easy-to-use Workwell app is an interactive tool that you can use to evaluate your health and safety management system and improve health and safety and return to work in your workplace.
Use the Workwell app to evaluate your program against the Workwell standard, note observations, save your evaluations and share your assessments. You can also use the app to look up Workwell health and safety standards and find resources to help you make improvements and take corrective measures.
Companies that choose to adopt Workwell standards and make improvements to their workplace health and safety management system have fewer injuries, illnesses and less lost time. Better injury and lost-time records could earn you WSIB rebates and decreased premiums. Use the Workwell app to improve health and safety and return-to-work outcomes in your workplace.

The Workwell App is available for download on the Apple App Store and on Google Play– Click here.

WSIB introduces new Compass tool

Compass is the new online health and safety tool from WSIB. For the first time, Ontarians can find and compare health and safety statistics for businesses across the province.

Using Compass, anyone can:

  • see the number and types of injuries in a workplace;
  • get a sense of how serious those injuries were by looking at how many people were off work past the day of an accident and how many people are still receiving benefits a year after an accident; and
  • compare health and safety statistics for up to five different businesses at one time.

The tool will bring greater transparency to workplace safety in Ontario, giving people the ability to find health and safety statistics for any workplace and compare statistics between businesses. To have a look at the new Compass tool please click here.

Trade / Sector LMHSC Activity Update
The trade and sector LMHSC completed a wide variety of projects which include health and safety bulletins, best practices, and safety talks as well as outreach activities. The following is a look back at some of the outstanding efforts undertaken by the Trade and Sector Labour-Management committees in 2016.
Click on the live links for full details