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2-Minute News

2-Minute News
· IHSA Safety Talk: Cold Stress

· Revised Mobile Crane Manual now available 

· 2018 IHSA COR™ Open House and OGCA Leadership Conference

· MOL looking for input on health and safety in Ontario

· IHSA to offer Working at Heights Refresher

IHSA Safety Talk: Cold Stress
When you’re cold, blood vessels in your skin, arms, and legs constrict, decreasing the blood flow to your extremities. This helps your critical organs stay warm, but you risk frostbite in your extremities.

Read the IHSA Safety Talk on cold stress.

Revised Mobile Crane Manual now available
IHSA has just revised its Mobile Crane Manual (MC001), which is considered one of the most authoritative texts on mobile cranes ever published. Used internationally as an official course textbook in training and upgrading programs, this book is an essential reference in preventing costly and often deadly crane accidents.

Topics include:

· Types, main components, and terminology

· Principles and quadrants of operation

· Load charts – basic terms and conditions, determining main boom capacities, and determining jib and boom extension capacities

· Factors that reduce rated capacity

· Pre-lift considerations and set-up

· Operating procedures.

Changes in the 2017 updated edition include the addition of new types of cranes and new material on wire ropes, outriggers, jibs, critical lifts, and operational aid and safety devices.

To learn more about the Mobile Crane Manual (MC001) or to order your copy, visit the product page.

2018 IHSA COR™ Open House and OGCA Leadership Conference
The Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) in partnership with Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) would like to announce its 2018 Leadership Day Conference, which will be held on Friday, March 2, in Mississauga.

Newcomers will be welcomed into the League of Champions, an initiative that exists to help companies build safety culture and be recognized for their leadership. The League of Champions is a catalyst for safety improvement in individual companies and the industry as a whole.

Register for the event today. Online registration is now open.

MOL is looking for input on health and safety in Ontario
Your feedback can help shape the future direction of the ministry’s occupational health and safety enforcement strategy. The MOL’s Safe at Work Ontario (SAWO) will be hosting a series of consultation sessions re: health and safety in different industries and sectors (e.g., construction, small business, industrial). Specifically, the ministry would like your input to:

· identify emerging hazards and risks in your sector

· identify data and compliance assistance resources that would be useful to you

· improve the effectiveness of the MOL’s enforcement campaigns.

At the industrial sector consultation sessions, the ministry will also be seeking feedback on to inform any future amendments to Regulation 851 (Industrial Establishments).

There will be sessions taking place in the Greater Toronto Area and other locations across Ontario. As space is limited, please register online to secure your spot.

IHSA to offer Working at Heights Refresher
The Infrastructure Health and Safety Association will soon be providing its Working at Heights Refresher program for those who need to update their training.

This program provides workers who have already completed a Ministry of Labour/Chief Prevention Officer (MOL/CPO)-approved working at heights course with a refresher course in the basics of implementing fall protection systems at their workplaces. Participants receive up-to-date information on the legislative requirements of fall protection, including how to recognize, assess, and control fall hazards. They will also have opportunities to practice identifying deficiencies while inspecting fall protection equipment.

In order to take this program, participants must have taken IHSA’s Working at Heights – Fundamentals of Fall Prevention course or an equivalent working at heights course that was approved by the MOL/CPO after April 1, 2015.

To learn more about this program and find dates, locations, and other requirements for taking the course, please visit the course description page.

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