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Ontario Erectors Association

November 2017 Government Relations Report

In the attached November issue:

  • Bill 142 Update
  • Bill 148 Update
  • Current Consultations
  • Impact of Royal Bank of Canada v. Atlas Block
  • Latest Forum Poll Shows Neck and Neck Race in Toronto
  • PC Election Platform
  • What’s Up at OCoT

Download it here.GR_Report_November_2017

Bill 142 Update

The Committee on the Legislative Assembly held public hearings on Bill 142 on the afternoons of October 25th,
November 1st and November 15th. Clause-by-clause review of the Bill was scheduled for the afternoons of November
22nd and 29th however the Committee completed this phase of the legislative process on November 22nd. At that session,
amendments were approved that: i) provided definitions and clarifications, ii) added transition provisions for projects
started under the current regime that finish after Bill 142 is passed into law and iii) addressed public private partnerships.
The Committee has until December 14th to report the results of its work back to the Legislature for third reading and Royal
Assent. We remain confident that Bill 142 will pass third reading and receive Royal Assent before the Legislature rises
for its winter break on December 14th.
If passed, the substantive amendments created by Bill 142 will come into force on the proclamation of the Lieutenant

Bill 148 Update

Bill 148 will have a significant impact on construction employers. It was subject to hours of debate in the Legislature
and passed third reading and received Royal Assent on November 27, 2017. It amends the Employment Standards
Act (ESA) and the Ontario Labour Relations Act (OLRA). The provisions of the Bill come into force on various dates prescribed in the Bill, some as early as January 1, 2018. So it’s important for employers to prepare NOW! Among the changes to the ESA brought in by Bill 142 are:

  • Increased minimum wage
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • New scheduling restrictions
  • Violation of the ESA where an employer misclassifies an employee as an independent operator
  • Increased vacation entitlement
  • Changes to the way public holiday pay is calculated
  • Personal Emergency Leave for all employees regardless of size of employer
  • Changes to Pregnancy Leave
  • Introduction of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Leave

For more detail, click on the following link to a brief prepared by our friends at Sherrard-Kuzz LLP

Current Consultations

COCA is currently involved in the following consultations:

The Ministry of Labour’s Prevention Office is consulting on the Accreditation Standard. Deadline for input is December 20, 2017

The WSIB is consulting on 7 RFM policies. Deadline for feedback is January 15, 2018

To read the full report – download it here:GR_Report_November_2017