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Ontario Erectors Association

Have you voiced your support for Prompt Payment?

Please share this link with all of your everyone you know – the more letters the better:
PPO is waiting for Minister Naqvi and his staff to finish drafting the new Prompt Payment and Lien Legislation.  The Minister has committed in writing to introducing a Bill  this spring.  In the meantime PPO and all of its members need to keep this issue at the forefront for all of the MPP’s at Queen’s Park.  Writing letters may not seem like much, but they are effective and they let the politicians know that this is important to their constituents.  So we ask you to:
Scroll down to the bottom of the picture click on “click to be heard” – you will be taken to the ‘Push Politics Portal” for PPO
Fill in your home address and it will show you who your MPP is, hit continue
Fill in your full name and address – you can leave out signing the letter, hit continue
You can preview the letter on this page and add your email address so that you will receive a copy of the letter as well
If you are satisfied, hit send
Thank you for taking the time to let our MPP’s know that Prompt Payment is crucial to Trade Contractors, Workers and Suppliers

Make your voice heard.
View online version.

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