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Ontario Erectors Association

Ironworker Safety Director Training Course

All Signatory Contractor and Ironworker members are invited to participate in the “Ironworker Safety Director Training Course” scheduled for May 3-5, 2017 at the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

This course is available at no charge to members wanting to pursue a safety position with our contractors, and to signatory contractors who wish to designate company personnel to receive this training.  This program is also intended for Foreman, General Foreman and Superintendents.

The “2017 ZERO Fatality-Incident” campaign commissioned by Ironworkers General President Dean features the“Ironworker Safety Director Training Course” as one of the programs designed to raise the standard of safety performance throughout the Canada and United States.  We have Ironworker members with great knowledge and skill, and we want to make this course available to those who elect to pursue a safety position with our signatory contractors, or who are in the role of leaders such as Foreman, General Foreman and Superintendents.

Assuming the role of a corporate safety director and managing comprehensive safety programs for several projects requires additional basic training and new skill sets.  There are several fundamental safety and health tasks that must be routinely implemented on each project to comply with regulatory and contract safety requirements.

For more detailed information or to register for this course, please click on the following link:


All meals are provided for all those participating in this course.

Please contact Jeff Norris, Canadian Safety Coordinator at (780) 459-4498 if you have any questions.