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Employment & Labour Law Update – Management Counsel Newsletter – October 2016 – Sherrard Kuzz LLP Employment & Labour Lawyers

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This month we address two issues:

Ontario Arbitrator Finds Employer has Duty to Protect Workers from Harassment Through Social Media

Under occupational health and safety law, an employer has a duty to protect workers from harm and harassment in the workplace. In a new twist on this concept, an arbitrator recently found the Toronto Transit Commission (“TTC”) could have taken additional steps to protect its workers from harassment through a Twitter account the TTC controlled.  Download to learn more…

Ontario Securities Commission Anti-Reprisal Legislation for Employee Whistleblowers Now In Force

On July 14, 2016, the Ontario Securities Commission (“OSC”) launched the Office of the Whistleblower, the first paid whistleblower program by a securities regulator in Canada. The program is intended to encourage individuals to report to the OSC information on serious securities-related misconduct with a view to preventing or limiting harm to investors. An individual who meets certain eligibility criteria and voluntarily submits information to the OSC may be eligible for a whistleblower award of up to $5 million.

Anti-reprisal provisions have also been added to the Securities Act (Ontario), allowing the OSC to take enforcement action against an employer (reporting issuer) that retaliates against a whistleblower, and to nullify any contractual provision that precludes whistleblowing activity by a current or former employee. Download to learn more…

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