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Ontario Erectors Association

The OEA Memorandum of Agreement Has Been Ratified

The OEA Memorandum of agreement has been ratified by a local union vote of 6 in favour, 0 against.

As such and in accordance with the District Council Bylaws Kevin Bryenton will sign the same as the Employee Bargaining Agent and forward the results of the Memorandum to the appropriate office of the Ministry of Labour and the International.

The Provincial Balloting results are as follows

Local 700 Windsor    Accept     64   Reject    18
Local 721 Toronto    Accept    120        Reject    67
Local 736 Hamilton    Accept    70    Reject    36
Local 759 Thunder Bay    Accept    14    Reject    1
Local 765 Ottawa       Accept    71     Reject    6
Local 786 Sudbury    Accept    56    Reject    11

Provincial ballot totals:  Accept    395    Reject    139