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Ontario Erectors Association

Prompt Payment Lobby at Queens Park – May 11th

Please be a part of this day, the more voices the stronger we are!

Meetings for PPO’s lobby day at Queen’s Park on May 11th  are being planned.  The organizers are hoping to find out who will be coming to be part of the lobby effort.  The objective is to get 30 to 35 meetings with MP’s with groups of PPO representatives.  We ask for your home and work postal codes to match up the MP’s with their constituents.  And we are hoping to have some contractors to join to support these efforts on the day.

This will be very important for PPO’s messaging, whether we have seen the CLA Review Report, or are asking for its release.

Fill out the attached form and send it back to Ashley Rensler at Impact Canada.  At our May 5th meeting Ashley will there to give us an overview of the day and what to expect.

Prompt Payment Ontario – Delegate Form

Ashley’s email is:   ashley (at)