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TRADES TODAY |Volume 3 Edition 1 | Spring 2016

Brought to you by Ontario College of Trades.


Skilled trades in demand 
Canada will face a skilled labour shortage over the next decade due to retirements. Tradespeople can play a huge role in helping promote their own trades and the industry. Read the full story on pg. 6 to find out more, including which trades will be in demand.


Monument to celebrate tradespeople 
Tradespeople and their contributions will be celebrated through the creation of a new monument in Ottawa. Learn more about this historic project, scheduled for unveiling in 2017, by reading the story on pg. 8. 


Preparing youth for trades careers 

The majority of Ontario parents say they would support their child’s choice to pursue a trades career, says a new poll. Learn more about how today’s youth can prepare to be the skilled workforce of tomorrow on pg. 10.


Connecting apprentices & employers is the College’s new pilot project aimed at connecting employers and employees.The job bank is currently being tested as a potential future portal for Ontarians.

Read more on pg. 4.


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