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Canada and Ontario Agree to Delay Launch of ORPP

The ministers of finance for Canada and Ontario announced an agreement to work together towards the goal of improving pensions for Canadians.

To provide more time for discussion among provinces and the federal government, Ontario is proposing to phase in the launch of the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) by starting enrollment in January 2017, one year later than the original start date, and by starting the first phase of contributions in January 2018. This will give businesses more time to enroll.

Ontario and the federal government will work with other jurisdictions to explore a range of potential Canada Pension Plan (CPP) enhancements.

The federal government acknowledged Ontario has made strides in establishing the ORPP and, if provincial agreement on CPP enhancement is not reached, acknowledges Ontario’s objective to move forward with the ORPP.

The federal government has therefore agreed to facilitate plan registration and data sharing arrangements, and will work with Ontario on key elements of plan administration, such as the collection of employer and employee contributions.