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Ontario Erectors Association

The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction is Proud to Present SteelDay 2015

SteelDay 2015 takes place September 18!

The day will be an interactive and networking event for members of the design, construction and structural steel industry. Across the nation – steel fabricators, mills, service centres, galvanizers, HSS producers, bender-rollers and others will open their facilities, job sites, and offices. Architects, engineers, contractors, developers, students, educators and the general public are invited to see how we contribute to building Canada.

SteelDay is your chance to get to know the Canadian structural steel industry. Personally!

Advantages of Structural Steel
SteelDay also provides an opportunity for the industry to communicate the benefits of structural steel as a building material; including:

  • Sustainability, with the most recycled content of any structural material
  • Technological sophistication for a fully integrated supply chain, eliminating errors and downtime
  • Reduced risk, project costs are lowered as a result of reduced labour and equipment requirements, lower foundation costs
  • Accelerated projects – using high quality, off-site fabrication
  • Increased returns with aesthetically pleasing structures that maximize floor space, generate revenue sooner

Not sure what to expect on the facility tours?
Each SteelDay host will be providing details of their individual event in due course. In the meantime, the links in the right column (under Facility Tours) will give you a general idea of what to expect at various types of events: Structural Steel Fabricators, Steel Mills, Steel Service Centres, HSS Producers, Bender-Rollers, and Galvanizers.

In addition to facility tours some SteelDay hosts will also be offering other types of events and activities including such things as: job site tours, multiple facility tours, presentations and seminars, walking tours and hands-on activities.

Each event Host will be providing more details at as they become available. Keep checking in for details.