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Ontario Erectors Association


Visits with Contractors in Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Cindy Menches, P.E., is the IMPACT Director of Contractor Training and Development. She will be visiting Toronto, Ontario from Thursday, September 25 through Sunday, September 28 to attending the 2014 Ironworkers International Apprentice Competition. During her time in Toronto, Dr. Menches would like to meet with Ironworker Contractors individually and/or as a group to discuss her role at IMPACT and to learn about the training and educational needs of contractors. As part of her meeting with each contractor, Dr. Menches will have a targeted set of questions to ask in order to learn more about each contractor’s specific needs. If you would be willing to meet with Dr. Menches to discuss your educational needs, please contact her at the e-mail or phone number below. Meetings can also be arranged through Mr. Jack Mesley, President of the Ontario Erectors Association. He can be reached at 705-445-9415.

Contact information:

Dr. Cindy Menches, P.E.
Director of Contractor Training & Development 1750 New York Avenue NW, 4th Floor Washington, D.C. 20006
Phone: 202-393-1147