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Fall hazards blitz launched in Ontario

TORONTO (Article from Daily Commercial News – see original article here)

The Ontario Ministry of Labour is focusing on hazards that can result in falls during a safety blitz at construction sites this summer.

“Falls are the number one cause of critical injuries and fatalities of workers at construction sites in Ontario. We’re working to improve the health and safety of construction workers in Ontario,” said Chief Prevention Officer George Gritiziotis in a release.

In July and August, MOL inspectors will visit construction sites to check that they are in compliance with legislation and regulations, ensuring that:

• Employers have policies, programs and safe work practices in place to protect workers from fall hazards.

 • Workers using ladders, mobile stands and platforms are properly trained and supervised.

 • Workers use appropriate fall protection systems, personal protective equipment and other safety devices.

 • Openings in floors and work surfaces and walls are protected by guardrails or protective coverings.

Inspectors will target workplaces known to have a high frequency of injuries involving falls; where complaints have been received and where there is a history of non-compliance.