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Ontario Erectors Association

IMPACT Update – Safety and Healthy

The Safety and Health Department implemented numerous initiatives and held the following meetings to ensure the safety of ironworker and contractor members:

  • Safety Conference at Local 401 – At the request of the Steel Erectors Association of Philadelphia and Vicinity, I provided a presentation on the “Deadly Dozen” hazards to more than 100 people in two days.  We discussed OSHA Compliance Directives, greater hazard situations on job sites and other safety issues.
  • Local 97 Safety Initiative Meeting – Planning for June 23 meeting at Local 97 with contractors and local union representatives to discuss safety and regulatory issues.  A notice has been sent to all signatory contractors.
  • Reinforcing Steel Regulatory Initiative – Currently working with California, Oregon, Washington and Michigan to adopt new safety standards pertaining to reinforcing steel and post-tensioning activities.  Petitions from President Wise have been acknowledged by state Approved OSHA Plans, and California will convene a “Safety Advisory Committee” in July to begin discussions with industry stakeholders.  The new ANSI A10.9 Concrete and Masonry standard is a national consensus standard that is the one of the basis’ of the petition.
  • Alaska Safety Meetings – Meetings have been established with contractors in Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska, for the week of June 17-20, 2014.  Some job site visits will be conducted during this time.
  • Safety Response at Vogtle Nuclear Plant – Met with plant safety personnel and business managers of Local 846 and Local 709 to discuss safety incident rates, causation factors and methods to prevent re-occurrence.  This facility will increase erection work through 2017.
  • Response to Contractor and Local Union Safety Issues – The Safety Department responded to numerous calls regarding the recent OSHA clarification pertaining to OSHA’s recognition of JACT’s as qualified evaluators in providing qualified rigger training. This clarification has been promulgated to all District Councils, Local Unions and contractors through the United States
  •  Development of Safety Curriculum for Ironworker Safety Directors –  The safety department is drafting a basic course outline to address key elements and responsibilities for ironworkers who pursue safety positions with signatory contractors.
  • Iron Workers/IMPACT National Safety Honors Program – Notification letters from IMPACT Labor and Management Co-Chairs were sent to members.  The safety department is working with IMPACT Regional Directors to obtain nomination from signatory contractors throughout the United States and Canada.