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Ontario Erectors Association

Steel Bridges – Design, Fabrication, Construction May 27 & 28, 2014 in Toronto, Ontario

This 2-Day course covers the design, fabrication and construction of steel bridges based on CAN/CSA-S6-06,

Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code along with S6S1-10, Supplement #1 and S6S2-11, Supplement #2. The

course is intended to provide understanding on design theory and the rationale behind Code provisions as well as

the application of specifi c Code formulae and requirements. The practical and economical aspects of fabrication,

erection, choice of material and their impact on design will also be emphasized.

The presentation and the Course Notes include four design examples illustrating extensive design calculations for

I-girders and box girders of straight and curved confi gurations. Topics receiving greater emphasis include fatigue

and brittle fracture, integral abutments, aesthetics and sustainability. Traditional topics such as design process

and economics, highway bridge loads and methods of analysis, I-girder design, straight and curved box girder

design, wind and seismic effects, fabrication and economical details, construction and erection methods have been


Major changes and new provisions that were introduced in the tenth edition of CAN/CSA-S6 and their effect on

the design of steel girders will be highlighted.

Who should attend?

• bridge designers

• bridge engineers with federal, provincial and municipal bridge departments

• engineers in steel fabrication and erection


Course Leaders

Gilbert Grondin, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Senior Bridge Engineer, AECOM, and Adjunct Professor, University of Alberta

Prior to joining AECOM in June 2012, he was professor of Civil Engineering at the University

of Alberta for 17 years. His research focused on the behavior of connections, fatigue of

steel structures, steel plate walls and stiffened steel plates. He is a member of CSA-S16,

CSA-G40.20/G40.21, the RCSC and Chair of CSA-S6 steel structures sub-committee.

Paul King, M.S., P.Eng.

VP Engineering, Rapid-Span Structures, Ltd.

He brings with him over 20 years’ experience in the design and fabrication of steel bridges.

Specialties include design of pre-fabricated bridge systems, welding engineering and bridge

fabrication processes. He offers a fabricator’s perspective on practical and economical steel

bridge solutions.

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Two Day Course (1.4 CEUs)

Early Bird Until April 29: $ 910.00

Regular After April 29: $1010.00