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Ontario Erectors Association

Prompt Payment Legislation, Bill 69 Scheduled for Committee Hearings

Bill 69 is now scheduled for Committee Hearings so we can be hopeful and confident that the Bill will be heard before a possible failed budget causes and election.  Both the Liberals and the Tories are supportive of increasing meeting days of the committee.  Copied below is a Press Release issued by MPP Steven Del Duca:

 “Ontario’s construction industry employs 434,000 people and accounts for 6.4% of the province’s apprenticeships,” said Del Duca. “If passed, the Prompt Payment Act will ensure that those who complete their work get paid on time and this will lead to greater job creation and increased apprenticeships.”

 The Prompt Payment Act passed second reading debate with all-party support on May 16th, 2013. Public hearings on the bill are scheduled for March 19th and March 26th.