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Ontario Erectors Association

The official 2014 Iron Workers/IMPACT Labor-Management Conference


You will leave the 2014 Iron Workers/IMPACT Labor-Management Conference with more knowledge and business acumen that when you arrived.  That’s money!



  • If you’re an Owner, we’ll answer your demands of superior safety records, and outstanding quality and delivery of world-class levels of productivity.
  • If you’re a Contractor, this meeting gives you skills to be safer, more productive and tools to run a more efficient business.
  • If you’re an Ironworker, this meeting puts you face-to-face with hundreds of contractors who are looking to hire trained, highly skilled and safe workers to get their projects done on time, professionally and in a quality way.

Join us February 9 – 12, 2014, for your opportunity to meet the most powerful and influential people in our industry.

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